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Expand Your Horizons


No longer do you have to squeeze into an airplane to enjoy high-speed performance. Seawind has the roomiest cabin in its class. The Seawind is an ideal plane for small businesses.

No longer are you limited to flying from airport to airport where you are left to find ground transportation. With your Seawind, seven-tenths of the world’s surface becomes your runway.

The Seawind is the ultimate recreational vehicle. Enjoy the comfort of the wide cabin while cruising at 190+ mph. The Seawind brings those out-of-the-way places within your horizon.

No longer do you have to travel at the speed of a horse and buggy in order to enjoy water flying. The Seawind is the world’s fastest amphibian.

Flying, boating, camping, swimming, fishing, outings, exploring; your horizons are limited only by your imagination.

The Seawind Does It All — Fast.

You can experience the exhilaration of flight and have the best of both worlds with the beautiful, versatile Seawind.  Invest in a demonstration flight and witness the extraordinary performance of the Seawind. Its performance speaks for itself.

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