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Features & Equipment


Standard Features and Equipment

The following is the standard equipment for the standard VFR Seawind 300C:
  1. The Certified Airframe is equipped with:

    1. Continental 310 hp fuel injected IO-550-N 6 cylinder engine.

    2. McCauley 3-blade, 76-inch diameter constant speed propeller.

    3. High-lift slotted flaps.

    4. Trailing arm landing gear.

    5. Extended long-range fuel tanks.

    6. Salt-water hardware consisting of hard-coat anodized aluminum parts, and all bolts exposed to salt water are stainless steel.  Chrome brakes have grease seals and anodized rims.

    7. Two forward and two aft flotation compartments.

    8. A total of three boarding foot pocket steps.

      1.   There are two on the left side, and one
            on the right.

    9. A solid white silicone rubber nose bumper.

    10. Removable mooring pins and fender pins and receptors are provided.

  2. The exterior finish and standard detailing features polyurethane paint.

  3. The cabin is finished with:

    1. Executive four-seat arrangement. The forward bucket seats have a mechanically-adjustable tilt and full-cabin forward and aft movement. They move forward for easy access to the rear seats. The rear seats hinge forward for easy access to the cabin baggage area.

    2. A five-seat family option, is available with three child seats aft in lieu of two adult seats.  The rear seats hinge forward or are removable for easy access to the aft luggage area.

    3. Seat bottom cushions are Temper Foam.

    4. The four or five seat configurations all have four point seat restraint belts with inertia shoulder strap retractors.

    5. The upholstery is water and stain resistant Olefin fabric for comfort.

    6. The carpet is nylon-loop carpet designed to resist stains and water and meets FAR 25. The carpets are quickly removable for swimming or fishing.

    7. The overhead fresh air ventilation system provides fresh air cooling.

    8. The cabin heat and defroster system that can be controlled to provide unheated cooling air as well.

    9. The cabin luggage area has retractable cargo straps.

  4. The control console is equipped with dual flight controls and brakes. The instrument panel has ample space for any avionics configuration. The standard panel is equipped with:

    1. The six primary instruments.

    2. Custom-design position and warning lights.

    3. Three axis electric trim.

    4. Landing gear position reminder system.

    5. Engine and fuel quantity monitoring, featuring the J.P.I. EDM 930 state-of-the-art monitor. It displays rpm, manifold pressure, 6 cylinder EGT/CHT fuel quantity left and right, fuel flow, oil temperature, oil pressure, outside air temperature, volts and amps, % horsepower and fuel remaining and fuel range of alerts.

    6. Back-up hydraulic hand pump for raising or lowering the landing gear without electric power.

  5. Avionics: There are three avionics packages available. The basic VFR system is comprised of a Garmin audio with intercom, GPS/COMM and Mode C transponder, built-in electronic location transmitting beacon-ELT. All antennas are built-in. See "Options" for other avionics and autopilot packages.

  6. Lighting: The basic aircraft is equipped with all lighting required for night and instrument flight including:

    1. Dual landing lights.

    2. Whelan nav/strobe lights.

    3. Cabin dome, map and panel lights.

  7. Hydraulic assist nose wheel steering. This independent system will steer the Seawind by the push of a switch. Manually it can be steered by differential braking. Both systems can be used for extraordinary control.

  8. Special Equipment: Each Seawind 300C is equipped with the following special equipment:

    1. Condition warning system including:

      1.   Heated pitot
      2.  Engine fire sensor
      3. Fuel leak detector

    2. Automatic bilge pump with manual bypass.

Optional Equipment

See listing for options available at additional cost.

  1. FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) will be available with the Continental IO-550-N engine.

  2. Airframe optional exterior paint detailing in your choice of select colors.

  3. Inboard/outboard water motor.  This special design gas-fired water-cooled motor is mounted in the nose compartment and is lowered through the hull bottom.  It will move the Seawind forward, aft, or to the side at speeds up to 4 to 6 knots with the big Continental engine shut down.  It also reduces the docking speed to zero and enables backing away from a dock as well.

Seawind 300C Optional Avionics

Garmin equipment is featured; other equipment is available.

  1. The VFR package includes a Garmin audio intercom, GPS/COMM and Mode C transponder.

  2. Advanced optional IFR Avionics Package.

    1. The airframe includes a built-in certified lightning protection.

    2. The full Garmin IFR radio stack with audio intercom, full color GMX 200 Moving Map, GPS/COMM, and Nav/Comm with glide slope and Mode C transponder installed.

    3. Optional Mode S and ADS-B is also available.

    4. Autopilot: S-Tec 50 with altitude hold and tracking is available.

    5. Autopilot: S-Tec 55X with altitude intercept glide slope coupling and GPSS.

  3. Glass Cockpit.
    The Seawind 300C is slated for a state-of-the art glass cockpit that will feature the G500 with synthetic vision from Garmin, full color Primary Function Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD).


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