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Flight Reports


Welcome to the Seawind Flight Report page. In this section, aviation journalists will describe the manner in which the Seawind flies.

You will learn that the Seawind has a very light feel on the controls, and that many of the characteristics of amphibians, which have previously been a problem for pilots, have been eliminated. Read carefully and learn what it will feel like to actually have the Seawind under you as you reach out to explore those new worlds you have only dreamt about.

These flight reports were performed in the original Seawind experimental prototype, developed by S.N.A., who has given us permission to reprint the reports. The performance of the Seawind 300C will meet or exceed the results of these reports.

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Flying the Seawind 3000 - Sport Pilot Magazine, August 1994
- By D. "Eddie" Torson, Photographs by Robert M. Goyer

Newsletter-- UK Article - Today's Pilot, March 2002.
- By Dave Unwin, Photos by Keith Wilson

Beauty and Performance, The S.N.A. Seawind - Custom Planes, May 2000
- By Norm Goyer, Photos by Bob Shane, S.N.A., Inc.

Seawind 3000 For 2000, It's a waterbird with latitude - Plane & Pilot, April 2000
- By Bill Cox, Photos by James Laurence

A Long Road to Perfection - Aviator Magazine, March 2000
- By Ken Armstrong

Cover Photo - Dive Training (100th Edition), February 2000

The Seawind Story - Water Flying Annual 2000
- By Kenneth Armstrong

Sunseeker - Flyer, August 1999
- By Geoffrey Boot

The Seawind: Flying Qualities Report - Sport Aviation, January 1997
- By Ed Kolano, Photos by Phil High, Mike Steineke, H.G. Frautsche, Jack Cox

The Seawind 3000: Pilot Report - General Aviation News & Flyer, Oct. 3, 1997
- By James Wynbrandt, Photos by James Wynbrandt

Seawind 3000 Amphibian: Wind and Water - KITPLANES Magazine, October 1994
- By LeRoy Cook, Photos by LeRoy Cook and Howard Levy

Flying the Seawind - Sport Pilot Magazine, August 1994
- By Ron Caraway

Of Wind And Water - Air Progress Magazine, July 1994
- By Peter Lert, Photography by David Gustafson and Peter Lert

In French:

Sewind 3000: un vehicule futuriste - Aviation & Pilote n271, 1996

Seawind 3000: la nouvelle generation d'amphibies - La Brousse, Novembre/Decembre 1996
- By Richard Saint-George

Seawind 3000: la nouvelle generation d'amphibies - Magazine Plein Vol
-By Richard Saint-George

In Portuguese:

Seawind 3000: A Revolucao Anfibia - Air & Sport by Skydive
- By Fernando Almeida


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