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Investment Opportunities


The Seawind project is entering its final phase of starting up production with 44 orders on hand. 

We are planning, with the permission of Transport Canada, to start fabrication of pre-production of Seawind aircraft for delivery to our customers after the conditional Type Certificate (T.C.) is issued.


We now need to prepare to resume building aircraft and ramping up the production. 

To do this successfully, we need;

  1. To provide customer options, i.e. IFR, autopilot, glass cockpit, and engine option.
  2. To hire, train, and equip new employees, and set up work stations.
  3. To duplicate some fixtures and some assembly tooling to eliminate production bottle necks.
  4. To purchase inventory, a computerized cloth cutting machine, some trimming equipment, a dust collection system, and a down draft paint booth. 

Final Production Start Up Budget

The Seawind Project has cleared all the obstacles to the certification of this beautiful high performance, all composite, amphibious flying boat.  The Seawind is in the final stages of certification documentation in Canada.

It is well poised for production startup, having its own:

  • 82,000 sq. ft. building on 4 acres at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Airport in Québec, Canada.  The building is only half used and can be expanded to 100,000 sq. ft. for a second production line, if needed.


We have:

  • Full set of permanent plugs and molds, and an approved process.
    The mold capacity is one airplane per day (239 per year max).
  • One set of jigs and fixtures, requiring only select duplicates to even
    out the production flow.


We have all 80 molds and plugs that cost over $2.2 mil to develop.
These molds will make all the parts to within 0.015 +/- tolerance.

We have one set of the major jigs worth $1.5 mil to assemble the aircraft. Select jigs need to be duplicated and many drill templates will be made.

Seawind is seeking a strategic partner and $5.0 mil of funding is being sought to complete production ramp-up, leaving a total debt of $1.0 mil.

There are currently 44 orders for the Certified Seawind.

We suggest you view our
video showing the "Seawind in Flight" on our Home page.



Our Business Plan has been updated and provides the information on our plans for production, marketing, and sales as we start to deliver Seawinds to our customers.
It is a moderately conservative forecast of the efforts and cost of this final phase of the project and plans for future growth.
Our Business Plan is a forward looking document that contains statements that may not be realized.


Why do so many General Aviation companies fail or get bought out?

Eclipse - The largest GA failure in history; thought they could build airplanes like cars are built. They tried too many innovations at one time. The Williams engine, fabrications methods, custom software, and avionics.

Successful companies like Cirrus, Diamond, and Piper joined the line of GA companies who wanted to make small jets. All found themselves in trouble and had to give up control or shelf their project.

Some have innovated too much and did not stop in time. Others expanded too quickly spurred on by high advanced orders and these costs got out of hand.

Seawind made a few of these mistakes in the beginning as well, but learned from it. We learned that you had to be vigilant and stay on top of your budget, because by the time you find yourself in trouble it is already too late. We have tightened our belt many times, when we would have like to spend money on some new innovations that excite the mind.

We are totally targeted on:

  • Successful Completion of Flight Test this spring
  • Cautiously starting production on a conditional approval
  • Having Order holders who will proceed with having the Seawind produced during the startup phase of production.

We have a small group of loyal investors who do not want to see us lose control. We are extremely cost cautious and have established a comfortable profit margin so that we can offer a retractable gear composite amphibian at a better price than composite land planes with fixed gear.

We will be pleased to have further discussions with you about our future.

Please contact us for more information.

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