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Advanced Orders



There are currently 40 advanced customer orders.  Our goal is to achieve 100 advanced orders by the time the Seawind is in full production.


Conditional Advanced Orders

You are about to join an exclusive fraternity.
The Seawind 300C is the world's most versatile
land plane and the world's fastest seaplane.

Advanced Orders: The Key to Success
Every new certified aircraft brought to market starts with an advanced order campaign.  The Seawind 300C is no different.

Why the need for advanced orders?
Certification of a "clean sheet" design is extremely expensive. The Cirrus SR 20 is proof of that.  Certification, documentation and testing of even a proven design are very expensive.  The Lancair Columbia, now the Cessna Corvalis, is proof of that.  To be successful, every business venture must have the ability to raise investment capital and bank loans.

They all look for:

  1. What is the company's experience and expertise?
  2. What is the potential market demand?
  3. What is the order book?
  4. Can the company be profitable?

The Seawind 300C is no different. It has met three of the four requirements--now it seeks to expand its order book with your order.

What are the risks?
You have, no doubt, heard or read the many sad stories about people who have lost their deposits because an aircraft was not certifiable or did not come to market.  With the Seawind 300C, you can't lose.  How so?

  • Deposit
    Your $10,000 deposit will be held in an interest-bearing escrow account at Phoenixville Federal Bank and Trust.  This entitles you to a demo flight in the certified Seawind 300C.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, your deposit plus interest will be returned.

You have no risk!

The Seawind has been under development and refinement for over 15 years. One hundred fifteen experimental kit version planes were delivered to a wide variety of amateur builders with greatly varying talent.  Over 90 have flown with a very predictable outcome.  Those that have been built by the book have excellent flying characteristics.  In a repeatable, highly-controlled factory setting, the Seawind 300C will be an exceptional certified aircraft with proven performance.

Certification Status
We have completed all the flight tests required by Transport Canada and the FAA. The data confirms that we have met all flight test requirements of the flight test manual A.C. 23-8C. The remaining tasks are paper reports.

Price Increase
The cost of the non-certified production has been known to us for years. The cost of certified production, while more expensive, should be reasonably predictable. We have tried to keep our estimate as accurate as possible.  In the event we do not meet our estimated price, you can accept the revised price or elect to have your escrowed deposit returned with interest.

Delivery Date
We will provide you with an estimated delivery date.  In the event we do not meet the promised delivery date, you can accept the revised delivery date or elect to have your escrowed deposit returned with interest. 

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