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Sales and Service


The Seawind not only bridges the land and seaplane market, it also has worldwide appeal.

In order to properly service our customers once deliveries start, we will be implementing a plan for sales and service centers around the world.

North America
Our marketing and sales office is located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA, approximately 30 miles west of Philadelphia.  The office will be moving from the present location in Kimberton to a new facility at the local airport.

Sea Air Composites, inc., the manufacturing facility, is located at Saint Jean Airport in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada. It is a quaint city on the banks of the Richelieu River at the north end outflow of Lake Champlain. It is conveniently located 30 miles north of the New York and Vermont borders and 30 miles southeast of Montreal.

World Wide Sales and Service Center System
The customer support system is made up of a three-tier system.

Sales Locations (In North America) will provide customer support by providing:

  • descriptive information and specifications
  • demonstration flights
  • arrangements for delivery and customer check-out on land for licensed land-rated private pilots
  • operational check-out on water for licensed sea-rated private pilots
  • sales of accessories and gift items
Service Centers (In North America) will provide normal maintenance and annual inspection services that include:
  • 50 hour service and inspections
  • 100 hour (annual) service and inspections
  • warranty service
  • minor repair service
  • installation of accessories
Sales and Service Centers (Outside North America) will provide all of the above in addition to:
  • a comprehensive water operation program
  • safety seminars
  • major repairs and parts

North America
Currently, all sales in N.A. will be conducted from the Sales Center in Pennsylvania.  Selected Seawind 300C owners will be introduced to the demonstration pilot/sales program in the near future.

We will have Sales and Service Centers (SSC) in the following locations:

South America
South America has a rapidly growing aviation community. A SSC will be located in Brazil as well as in the north, central and southern regions of the continent.

European community, general aviation travel will increase. The diesel aircraft engine will also make recreation flying practical. SSCs locations to be determined.

Since this area has a wide variety of languages, it may require a number of separate SSC locations.

Middle East
SSCs will be located in Turkey as well as other locations within the Middle East near and around the Mediterranean.

SSCs will be located in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Asian Sub-Continent
Although there is little general aviation activity, our marketing plan includes a SSC for the sub-continent from the Caspian Sea to India and Bangladesh.

We look forward to serving this emerging market.

The Pacific Rim
Ideally suited to amphibious aircraft, we expect this area to be a major market.

Australia and New Zealand
The vast regions down under are ideally suited for Seawind travel.

Qualified Sales and Service applicants may contact the Seawind Marketing/Customer Service Office, Box 1041, Kimberton, PA, USA, 19442 or E-mail: for the requirements to qualify.


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