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I was beginning to think we would never complete flight testing in light of the Test Pilot's 16.7G hard landing, abuse of the aircraft by a flight testing and maintenance company, and an unreliable data system.

We now have all the data needed for finishing the paperwork for submission to TCCA.

November 18 was the last day for water testing in Canada. Bjarni our astronaut/test pilot and Denis Bernier our in-house instructor/test pilot completed the handling qualities tests on water (save one crosswind) because we had insufficient wind.

Bjarni was very pleased with every aspect of handling on the land and water flights. Although every aircraft has slightly different characteristics than a similar aircraft, amphibians can be greatly different. Bjarni felt with proper transitional training, our customers should have little or no problem handling the Seawind. He summed it up when he said, “The Seawind got a bad rap, none of which was true. It is a fun and easy aircraft to fly.” He is pleased to take the reports to Transport Canada. Needless to say we are all elated.

This was a very long time coming and I thank God that it has finally happened.

I need to thank Marty Huber who is one of our loyal investors and who has helped us financially to get through the disasters and who has given us valuable guidance with the business. He is a very successful businessman and true friend as well.



Aside from the obvious documentation for Transport, the following will be happening:

  • Concentration on getting production funding. Passing the good news to investors may encourage additional investments. Hopefully the recent U.S. elections will start a rebound in the economy and people may start to invest in an optimistic future. Let’s Hope.
  • Restarting the publishing of the “Seawind Flyer” newsletter on our website. We have well over 2,000 followers.
  • Start to prepare our flight test aircraft for airshows in the spring
  • Production
  • Start making some of the secondary small tooling for production


We had to go down a ramp,

and back up the ramp.

We had cameras in the cockpit.........

and under the wings.

And now is the time to get on to the finish line.

There are no show stoppers only paperwork, but no changes to the aircraft.

Nothing can stop us now!

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