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Transitional Training Program


Transitional training for the Seawind 300C pilot will be furnished to the initial Purchaser or his designated pilot, subject to the following provisions. Due to the Seawind's unique capabilities, Transitional Training will be required on both land and water.

The Seawind Land Transitional Training is structured for rated private land pilots. The Seawind Water Transitional Training is for pilots with a water rating.  The program is not suitable or intended for the purpose of training a student pilot to receive either a private pilot's certificate or an initial water rating.  A water rating may be obtained in any water aircraft. i.e. a flying boat or a float plane

The training should be separated into two phases: land training and water training. They may be accomplished during the same session but we recommend that  the water phase be scheduled at a later date.

We recommend that the Purchaser should receive training and an endorsement on land and then fly his Seawind home.  After 25 to 50 flight hours, we recommend the Purchaser schedule a return visit to the same or another Seawind training location to receive water transitional training.  This enables the Purchaser to concentrate on the water aspect only.


A total of eight hours of dual ground, air, or water training is provided plus 4 hours of ground training. The Purchaser may purchase additional time as needed to receive the land and/or sea endorsement for the Seawind. The Purchaser may also purchase additional time if non-current or wishing to increase proficiency. The training shall be in the owners Seawind aircraft.

  1. All training will be conducted by a SEAWIND LLC designated training specialist.

  2. Pilot transitional training will consist of a standard three-day program as follows:

    1. Ground training on the Seawind SPS system, and avionic operation and special mitigating circumstances to minimize emergency situations.

    2. Aircraft systems training with emphasis on the innovative aspects of the 300C.  Examples include the use of flaps, retractable landing gear, constant speed propeller, and coordinated maneuvers, the utilization of ground effect and the pitch forces from the high thrust line.  See the training syllabus.

    3. Flight training to proficiency, in accordance with trainer's standards. Normally this aspect of training will result in four hours of flight instruction time and a few hours of solo time.  See the training syllabus.

    4. Water training for proficiency in step taxiing, beaching, docking, and water take-off and landing.  See the training syllabus.

    5. Avionics systems training with particular emphasis on the use of GPS and the multi-function display and the EDM engine monitor.

  3. Purchaser will be responsible for:

    1. Transportation of Purchaser (or Purchaser's pilot) to and from the training site and living expenses during training.

    2. Providing an interpreter during the course of training if Purchaser (or Purchaser's pilot) is not conversant in English (or both English and French at the Quebec location).

    3. Payment to SEAWIND LLC for any training requested beyond that described above.

    4. The training will be in your Seawind.

    5. The Seawind aircraft required for flight training, as well as any landing fees, fuel costs, and insurance; including all other direct costs of operation required in connection with the operation of said aircraft during the course of such flight training.

    6. Providing SEAWIND LLC and/or its authorized trainer with a certificate of insurance that specifies SEAWIND LLC and/or its designated training pilot as an additional insured pilot.

  4. SEAWIND LLC will endeavor to schedule training at a convenient time for Purchaser (or Purchaser's pilot).

  5. Neither SEAWIND LLC nor its training representative will be responsible for the competency of Purchaser (or Purchaser's pilot) during or after training. SEAWIND LLC does not warrant that this training will qualify Purchaser (or Purchaser's pilot) for any license, certificate, or rating. It is recommended that the Purchaser seek advanced water training should he or she intend to enter the wilderness or encounter adverse conditions.

  6. Neither SEAWIND LLC nor its training associate, will be responsible for any delay in providing training due to weather or causes beyond its reasonable control.

  7. All training furnished to Purchaser under the Agreement will be completed within twelve (12) months after delivery of the aircraft.

We recognize that your time is of great value and if unpredicted weather should delay your training, we will have ground training and avionics instruction to maximize the use of any downtime at no extra charge.

The Seawind training program does not end here.  We will be planning and scheduling Seawind Splash-ins with recreational activities and safety seminars and biannual recurrent training.


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